Twelve Days of Christmas!: Past and Present

Hello again! So for today, I wanted to talk about how Christmas has changed for me over the years. We’re becoming adults now and have to face the same reality everyone does. Christmas just isn’t the same for us as when we were children.

When I was a kid I lived in a house with my bros and cousins. We were known as “the five kids”. Our family would sorta wait til the last minute with Christmas. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our Christmas tree would be put up either the day before or the day of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, all of us kids would suddenly be told to put on our pjs, go up stairs and don’t come back down. It was either that or we had to sit on the basement steps. (Because the grownups were wrapping our gifts in the living room.) The next morning, we would wake up and come downstairs to a living room filled with presents. We’d go wake up all the grownups and open all of our gifts together. Afterwards, we’d clean up and wait for other family members to arrive.

My grandmother, being the matriarch, was the core of my mom’s family. All of our family gatherings revolved around her. On Christmas and Thanksgiving, everyone came to grandma’s. In the summer, we would have a little reunion and only other time all of us were together were the times my grandmother was sent to the hospital. So when grandma passed away, there were no more family reunions, birthday parties, Thanksgiving feasts or Christmas where all of us came together.

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Currently my Christmas still upholds to the gathering with my father’s family on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day my mom makes a small feast for my brothers and myself, and we exchange gifts. Due to distance and retail, my Christmas Day is rushed. I don’t get as many gifts as I did when I was a kid, nor do I get to open them the minute I wake up.

My aunt has a expressed an interest in bringing back our huge gathering, which I’m all for despite my mom’s displeasure, but that remains to be seen. My mom has actually gotten to enjoy her little Christmas with just her kids. I dropped the bomb on her last year that eventually my boyfriend’s mom is going to want us to spend Christmas Day with her and my mother will just have to get over it.

One thing is for sure, I do NOT wait til the last minute with my Christmas. That music will come on the day after Thanksgiving, and a tree gets put up way before Christmas Eve.

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