Twelve Days of Christmas!: The Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree now would it? I would be completely content with Christmas if all I had was a tree. I mentioned in a previous post that last year I started Christmas with no tree, but I ended the year with TWO! I originally wanted to wait until this year to buy a big, full tree, but when you come across a good deal, you don’t pass it up.

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If Charlie Brown taught me it’s that the appearance of the tree doesn’t matter. This was the case for me and my immediate family for three Christmases when I was younger. We lived in an apartment for a short period of my life and for our first Christmas my mom bought a spiral light tree. It was one of those hot new items, that I’m kinda glad didn’t become too big of a deal, like fiber optic trees. The only problem was that the tree was in our storage unit, in the complex’s basement and remember what I said about my family being notorious for waiting until the last minute for Christmas. As Christmas was approaching, little me grew impatient. Where’s our tree? My creative juices started flowing.

My mom had this tall plant she was given at work. It sat in between the living room and kitchen. I decided this plant would be our Christmas tree. I decorated the plant with Mardi Gras beads, hula leis, and a few ornaments. It wasn’t traditional but it worked. On Christmas my brothers and I sat around the plant and opened our gifts.

As for last year, I was eager to have a tree for Christmas. I had a friend who told me that he had three trees and was hoping to get one from him, but something happened and that was no longer an option. I was thinking about using my bonus holiday discount to buy a tree but felt uncomfortable deciding without my man with me. I asked a few people if they had an extra tree but they wanted me to borrow instead of keep.

Then one day I found a solution. While browsing a Swap & Shop page on Facebook, I came across a guy trying to sell a small three foot tree for just ten dollars. It may not have been the big, full tree I wanted, but it was a tree and only ten dollars. Plus it came with lights! I immediately contacted the man and set up a meet.

When the transaction was made, the guy mentioned something about singing lights. I didn’t understand what he meant, but thanked him for the tree. I got home and was all too eager to set it up. I fluffed out the branches and called my boyfriend into the room. It was our first tree together! We decorated the tree with my ornaments and then plugged in the lights.

Finally, the big reveal. The guy wasn’t joking when he said that the lights sing. They literally do sing. Okay, no words are actually spoken, but the lights blink along to the music that plays. My boyfriend’s immediate reaction to this was, “NOPE!” At least there is a setting to keep the lights on without the music or blinking. It was perfect for our first Christmas in our new place.

As for that second tree. I didn’t get the second tree until after Christmas. I just got back home from visiting family for the holidays and was browsing the Swap & Shop page for really no reason. The good thing about working over nights, you’re online when majority of everyone else is asleep. I found a post made, just moments to an hour before I was browsing. A woman in town was getting rid of a Christmas tree she had. Not a small tree but 6 feet tall! My guess is that the tree was old and she got a new one. It wasn’t just the size that drew my eyes, it was the price. THE TREE WAS FREE. The woman was just wanting to get rid of it after buying a new one. I immediately started commenting on the post and sending the woman messages. First come, first serve and I was the first! Christmas may have been over but I was set for next year!

I brought the tree home and started to set it up just so that I could see the size. That’s when I noticed another reason why the woman was giving the tree away for free. It’s a pre-lit tree, but the top section of the lights no longer work. That didn’t bother me because you can always buy more lights, especially for such a small section. If the whole tree goes out then you can cut the lights off the tree and decorate it with a new set. I couldn’t wait for this year’s Christmas to come.

Now I sit here in my living room, admiring both of my trees. The good thing about three foot trees is their size. You can put a three foot tree in any room of the house. My brother helped me set the trees up and his reaction to the singing lights was the same as my boyfriend’s. He was also a little surprised to see that I had two trees instead of just one.

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