Twelve Days of Christmas!: Traditions

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I’ve gotten a bite of the Christmas spirit this year, but then again I always do. I’ve decorated the house and even attempted to put up Christmas lights! I’m also trying to cram in all my favorite Christmas movies. The sad part is knowing that once New Years come, it’ll be over and I’ll have to wait eleven months. Are you all excited for the holidays? What are your plans? What are your traditions?


The tradition for my family has always been that we go to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. You know how families come together from two separate ones. Well by going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve, it gives us the chance to spend time with our other families on Christmas day. It’s always worked for us compared to my aunt Julie and her family who tries to visit both sides in one day. That use to always upset my grandmother because everyone would end up going to her house last, instead of first.

Lately me and my boyfriend have still managed to keep up with this tradition even though we live hours away from my family and have worked overnights in retail. (which means we have to be at work the night of Christmas) Our first Christmas together we traveled to my hometown and had to leave the day of Christmas so that we could make it to work on time. We actually had to be there a few hours earlier than we normally work. Last year was a special treat for me because my man got me tickets to WWE that just so happen to be in town the next day. It was great to spend the whole day with family on Christmas day. I even got to see my bestfriend!


I love this time of the year and I can’t wait til I have kids and start all these new traditions I want to do with them. Like hanging stockings and putting gifts in them, I never had that as a kid. Or getting together to make cookies, have special movie nights, just so much I want to do. My Christmas growing up consisted of putting up a Christmas tree either the day before Christmas or sometimes the day of Christmas. We never put any ornaments on the tree, just lots and lots of lights. We would drive around to see Christmas lights, have a feast and of course the presents. I just want to make sure that I do more with my children for the holidays.

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