A Werewolf in the Rain

Today’s weather was fitting for October. The day started off sunny and hot, so it surprised me when I started getting tornado alerts on my phone. I thought, “there’s no way.” I was at work so I couldn’t really look outside a window and watch the weather change. I had tasks that needed to get done and when it was time to clock off, I was out. When I walked outside I could tell it rained in the area, but it seemed like the storm had passed. As I got closer to home, I was driving into the storm. My town is covered in a mist and as soon as I got to the door it started to pour. It is still raining as I’m typing this post. This time of weather makes me feel gloomy because I have to stay inside. I would prefer the weather to be chilly enough for me to put on a sweater and hike a trail. Despite my preference, this weather completely fits the Halloween season. As the Munsters would say, “beautiful weather”.

Would you rather meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?

When I first saw this question I thought it would be an easy answer, but then I started to think about it and almost changed my initial thoughts. I would rather meet a werewolf than a vampire, but what are my odds of surviving this meet? I think my chances of survival are greater when meeting a werewolf than it would be meeting a vampire. Vampires either attack their food or they like to play with it. A werewolf doesn’t stand there and think about its prey. Werewolves are impulsive and will attack. In the situation of meeting a werewolf, I know that I have that moment of seeing it and then immediately I have to run away. If need be I could just shoot the werewolf with a silver bullet and I could do that at a distance or before it knows I’m nearby. In order to kill a vampire, I have to get up close and personal, which isn’t something that could end well.

Give me a piece of your mind

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