Best part of Fall

Day two of my 31 days of Halloween! In today’s post I’m gonna share what I think is the best part of fall. I can’t pinpoint exactly one thing about fall that is the best out of them all. I love everything about fall. From the weather, to the foliage, and of course Halloween. I hate the hot humidity that summer brings and long for the crisp cool air of fall. This year I look forward to hiking the trails, visiting pumpkin patches, and maybe going to a haunted house.

Corn mazes are great to explore. I have gone to two and with the right people, you could have a lot of fun. What I don’t like about corn mazes is when people follow you because their main goal is just getting out of the maze. There’s also all the festivals, trick-or-treating, and any other activity you can think of.

As a whole I would say that the best part of fall is that it is the beginning of all the holidays. In order to really enjoy it, you have to have a high spirit. Don’t let anything take your holiday spirit away from you, that’s what makes the holidays so special. I almost lost mine last year when I bought like $50 worth of candy and only had three trick-or-treaters. I started asking myself what’s the point of it all? But then I realized, I don’t go crazy for the holidays for anyone else but me.

Would you rather be allowed to eat as much Halloween candy as you want for a week, but then have it taken away OR be allowed to eat only one piece a day, but never have it taken away?

I don’t really eat candy. Growing up I would go trick-or-treating and all that candy would sit in my house until it got thrown out at Christmas. Then all the candy I got at Christmas would sit in my house until it got thrown out at Easter. While the latter option seems like an ideal choice, I prefer the former. Let me pick through my Halloween candy for a week and take whatever I don’t want away from me. It would help save the waste of candy I make.

Give me a piece of your mind

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