I’m a city girl! Born and raised on the south side of the city of St. Louis. I’ve always wanted to have a small town life and I’m getting that where I am now. I haven’t seen the world yet and I hope to before I leave it. I started blogging my first semester of college. It was sort of a club at school and I would get paid for just one post per week. I enjoy blogging because my family can know what’s going while I’m away. I write under a pen name so that I can blog about anything I want. On my blog there is no specific. I’ll blog about anything. There are a few topics I might blog about more than others.

I like writing and find myself to be self conscious of it. I always get nervous when showing a friend something I just wrote. I just sit there and think, “oh no they’re going to think it’s sounds silly. Like a been there, done that type of thing.” I’ve written a book already, but it was finished in the seventh grade. So I have to rewrite it and make it worthy of reading. I read it one day and scolded myself so much for it. It lacks details on so many levels. It is also completely unrealistic, despite being a fiction novel. I have a whole series planned for it. Now I just need to take the time and write it.

I plan on blogging for as long as I have something to blog about. My interests are all across the board. I’m not too girly and I’m not a complete tomboy. I like fantasy films, science fiction, horror, and chick flicks. I don’t watch a lot of chick flicks, just the good ones. I like to consider myself to be a part of the Cult Classic subculture because I have a tendency of loving hidden jems that mainstream has deemed to be flops. Then again, why do something just because everyone else is doing it?


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